We are glad you are here! Your input is essential to help update the Village’s Transportation and Mobility Plan! We invite you to explore the website and provide your comments and recommendations regarding how to improve our walking, biking, driving, and other transportation options in Plainfield!

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Thank you for your participation in the ideas map and surveys! We have received a great number of excellent thoughts and ideas and will reflect them in the transportation and mobility plan. Subscribe to our website to keep in the loop!


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Ideas Map

While the ideas map is closed for comments, you can still view everyone’s contributions!

About the Project

The 2022 Plainfield Transportation and Mobility Plan is the next generation of the Village’s transportation master plan with up-to-date data, analysis, and suggestions to help the Village with future development. The plan will incorporate the previous Village’s plans and guidelines and echo the upcoming new Comprehensive Plan. It will encompass comprehensive topics in transportation such as road, freight, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle. The project timeline will last about six months.

The Plainfield Transportation and Mobility Plan is led and managed by the Village of Plainfield with consultants from Baxter & Woodman Inc. for overall transportation planning and analysis, and Teska Associates, Inc. for pedestrian and bicycle transportation planning.

Project Lead + Management

Consulting Lead
General Transportation Planning + Analysis
Public Engagement
Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning + Analysis

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1

    June 2022 ~ August 2022

    Public Engagement

  • PHASE 2

    June 2022 ~ September 2022

    Data Analysis

  • PHASE 3

    September 2022 ~ October 2022

    Plan Making

  • PHASE 4

    October 2022 ~ March 2023

    Draft Review

  • PHASE 5

    March 2023 ~ April 2023

    Final Approval

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