This website has been created to facilitate public input and provide information about the Village’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the study process, and overall project schedule. We invite you to explore the website and provide your comments and recommendations regarding the study.

The Transportation Plan has been adopted!!


The Village of Plainfield Transportation Plan was adopted on June 3rd, 2013. Thank you all for your participation throughout the project. You can click on the ‘Documents’ page of this website to review the final plan or click here to view the plan online.

March 20th Open House

Thanks to all who came out and shared their thoughts at the Public Open House!  Check out some of the pictures from the evening by clicking on the image below. If you were unable to attend the open house but would still like to review the plan and comment on it, please click on the ‘Documents’ page of this website.


Transportation Plan Open Housecover

Come out and view the draft Transportation Plan!  The plan includes prioritized improvements for all modes of transportation. The draft plan will also be available for review on the ‘Documents’ page of this web site after March 14th.
When: 6pm – 8pm on March 20th, 2013
Where: Plainfield Village Hall

Public Open House

Thanks to all who came out and shared their thoughts at the Public Open House, held on November 14th, 2012.  Check out pics from the night by clicking the images to the right! If you were unable to attend please take the surveys listed above to tell us which transportation related projects are most important to you.

Cruise Night Success

Thanks for all the great transportation suggestions at Cruise Night on August 21st! All suggestions will be posted to the comment map. Missed the event? No worries, there is still time to get your ideas in. Just click on the “Add Comment” button above! And congratulations to Julia J. and Kelly V., our big winners in the guess the hot wheels contest! Click here to read news coverage of the event.

Welcome to the project website dedicated to the Village of Plainfield’s 2012 Transportation Plan Update. This project is being entirely funded by a $120,000 grant awarded to the Village by Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). The Plainfield Transportation Plan Update will incorporate previous plans and studies, including the soon-to-be updated Comprehensive Plan and a transit-oriented development (TOD) study. The goal is to incorporate previous studies with new data and insights to help provide a blueprint for the Village’s future. The process starts today and begins with you, the residents, stakeholders, business owners and village officials. We need you to be the guiding voice, educators, and cheerleaders – working together to create, collaborate, and build consensus. What are the existing patterns of transit relationships? How do motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians function together? Where are improvements needed?

The Project Team includes Village residents, stakeholders, business owners and officials, engineering firm Baxter & Woodman and planning consultants Teska Associates. Let’s plan!


27 Responses to Welcome

  1. barb Yumi says:

    Wher is the train service?

  2. Beth Buss says:

    I would like to see sidewalks continuing along Rt. 59 heading North right past Dunkin Donuts/BR to lead to the 2 subdivisions on the east side of Rt.59 (Graver Country Estates & The Ponds) and along the west side of Rt. 59 also from Jewel heading North up to the Target/Chilis area.

    • mph says:

      Too much money for such an ugly walkway. I like to enjoy my walks and have a nicer view. However you are asking tax payers to flip a huge bill so you can walk to get a coffee probably. And I though getting a cup of coffee was already expensive. You just made it cost several million dollars WOW. Because you really aren’t going to Menards without a car right?

  3. Judy Johnstone says:

    Meadow Lane in the Liberty Grove subdivision needs speed bumps. Traffic continues to worsen on this street because it connects Rt 126 and 143re street. Cars speed down the street oblivious to the posted speed limit signs and the fact that there is an elementary school located directly on this thoroughfare which children in the community walk to.

  4. Yup says:

    We need to fix van dyke

  5. Ron says:

    Happy to see that the 143rd. St. Extension is FINALLY inching forward. It cannot happen soon enough. Talk about safety, the traffic in downtown Plainfield is simply ridiculous at times. Children and adults alike are dodging heavy traffic downtown every day to try to get to and from their schools and shopping.

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